The Department of Rail Transport Services is a Department in the Federal Ministry of Transportation headed by the Director.

Division in Rail Transport Services Department

The department has three divisions namely:

  1. Rail Transport Services Division;
  2. Rail Modernization and Rehabilitation Division; and
  3. Rail Planning and Development Division.


  • Formulates all rail Transport policy for the country;
  • Ensures provision of efficient rail Transport services;
  • Develops rail transport system for the country;
  • Implements comprehensive rail rehabilitation;
  • Implements rail modernization projects;
  • Regulates rail Transport services including fares;
  • Reviews rail Transport policies and regulations in liaison with Engineering Department;
  • Oversees the activities of Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC);
  • Processes the lease of NRC lands;
  • Develops railway infrastructure throughout the country; and
  • Licenses of private railways operators.