The Procurement Department is one of the Common Services Departments established in all MDAs as part of the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2007, vide Head of the Civil Service Circulars Ref. No. HCSF/PSO/153 and HCSF/PSO/1555/25 dated 31st March and 9th June, 2008, respectively.

1. Procurement planning for the ministry:

i. Serves as Secretariat to Procurement Planning Committee (PPC);

ii. Carries out Needs Identification, Assessment and Evaluation;

iii. Categorizes the needs into Goods, Works and Services;

iv. Conducts Market and Statistical Surveys on the needs;

v. Aggregates the needs where possible for economy of scale;

vi. Integrates the expenditure for the needs into the budget; and

vii. Prescribes the Procurement method(s) to be adopted.

2. Advertisement(s):

i. Prepares solicitation documents for publication in Federal Tenders;

ii. Journal and two National dailies including International; and

iii. Journal(s) where applicable and in the Ministry’s website.

3. Bidding:

i. Issuance of standard Bidding Documents to interested contractors, suppliers and consultants;

ii. Collection of completed Bidding Documents from contractors, suppliers and consultants; and

iii. Conduction of Public Bid Opening after closure of bid collection.

4. Bid Evaluation:

i. Constitution of Bid Evaluation Committee;

ii. Carrying out of Technical and Financial Bid Evaluation; and

iii. Submission of Bid Evaluation Report.

5. Approval(s):

i. Serves as secretariat to the Ministerial Tenders Board (MTB);

ii. Ensure appropriate presentation of Memoranda to approving authorities (Accounting Officer, Tenders Board or Federal Executive Council);

iii. Process Certificate of “No Objection” for contract approvals.

6. Award(s):

i. Issuance of Letters of Contract Awards.

7. Execution/Implementation

i. Ensure implementation, Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation in Terms of the contracts;

ii. Issue relevant certificates of completion;

iii. Recommend /request for payment; and

iv. Responds to compliant in accordance with the proceeding set in PPA, 2007.

8. Supervisory Role:

i. Liaises with the Ministry’s Parastatals and Agencies on Procurement matters;

ii. Liaises with relevant bodies or Institutions for effective performance of its functions;

iii. Undertake supervision of MTB and FEC approved projects implementation in the Ministry, Parastatals and Agencies.
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