The Ministry’s Legal Unit comprises professional officers posted from the Federal Ministry of Justice (Office of the Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation & Minister of Justice) supported by a team of administrative staff. The Unit currently comprises 12no.staff made up of the Director (Legal Services), a Deputy Director, 6no. Non-Directorate level Assistant Legal Advisers and 4no. Administrative Staff. 

The Unit’s functions include the following duties:

i. Rendering Legal Opinions on issues affecting the operations of the Ministry and its Parastatals to guide administrative action;

ii. Representing the Ministry in court and in arbitral proceedings;

iii. Negotiating, drafting, vetting and settling contractual/legal agreements involving the Ministry and its Parastatals, as may be applicable in individual cases;

iv. Representing the Ministry on relevant Service-wide Committees and/or programmes with a legal mandate;

v. Reviewing, drafting and vetting draft laws and other legislative instruments involving the Ministry and its Parastatals;

vi. Liaising with the Ministry’s operational Departments and other organs to ensure that the Ministry/Parastatals operate in accordance with international treaty obligations affecting the Ministry’s operations;

vii. Participating in the activities of the Ministry’s statutory and routine committees and bodies such as the Ministerial Tenders Board, Due Diligence Teams and Personnel-related assignments; and

viii. Undertaking any other assignments/responsibilities as may be directed by the Honourable Ministers or the Permanent Secretary from time to time.
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